Assessment of Obesity among Adolescents from an Urban Area of Western India


  • Souvik Manna
  • Naresh T Chauhan
  • Mamta Verma



Overweight, Obesity, Adolescents, BMI


Introduction: Obesity is on the rise among adolescents in urban areas owing to rising affluence and decline of traditional eating habits. Knowing the prevalence of obesity among adolescents is important for developing age-appropriate interventions for prevention of non-communicable diseases in the community. Objectives: To document the prevalence of obesity in a sample of urban adolescents residing in Western India and to compare their BMI for age with WHO 2007 and CDC 2000 growth charts for adolescents. Methods: The data was collected from a cross-sectional sample of 300 adolescents selected purposively, aged 15– 19 years residing in an urban area of Western India in the year of 2018. Age, gender and body mass index (BMI) were used to define overweight and obesity. Result: The prevalence of overweight and obesity was 10.3% and 4.3% respectively as measured by the WHO 2007 reference standards. The prevalence of overweight and obesity was 7.6% and 3.3% respectively when CDC 2000 standards were used and the difference was statistically significant using Chi-square test. Also, there was no significant difference on the basis of gender or socio-economic status of the adolescents using independent t test. Conclusion: One in six adolescents was either obese or overweight in our sample population. Males and females did not differ significantly on BMI categories and effect of socio-economic status was not documented.




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Manna, S. ., Chauhan, N. T., & Verma, M. . (2020). Assessment of Obesity among Adolescents from an Urban Area of Western India. Journal of Comprehensive Health, 8(1), 34-38.



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