Journey of Tuberculosis Control in India: From then till now


  • Forhad Zaman All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Guwahati



TB Control Program in India, DOTS, Universal DST, End TB


The history of Tuberculosis control in India dates back to 1951 with mass vaccination with BCG and it started as a National Programme in 1962. Radical changes in the form of DOTS were incorporated with the start of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) in 1997. Since then, TB control efforts have witnessed many changes in the form of daily DOTS, Injection free regimen for both drug sensitive & drug resistant TB, moving from fixed Categories of treatment regimen to Individualized treatment regimen based on prior Universal Drug susceptibility testing. Flexibility has been incorporated in the programme to accommodate Private practitioners in the form of various incentives. Introduction of Active case finding strategy has helped in early diagnosis leading to prompt treatments.  Engagement of Community and leaders from all sectors and various organizations has helped to reach all communities in this fight against TB. India hopes to End TB by 2025 with rechristening the programme to National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP) and bringing in the much needed changes & flexibilities in the programme.




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