Waist Circumference: A Key Tool for Action against Central Obesity


  • Kalaivani Annadurai
  • Geetha Mani
  • Raja Dhanasekaran1
  • Jegadeesh Ramasamy




Worldwide, obesity is the fifth leading cause of death and it contributes to 44% of the burden of diabetes, 23% of ischemic heart disease and in between 7% to 41% of cancer burden.1 Globally, 400 million adults are obese and one billion are overweight. Central obesity is more dangerous than general obesity, as it attributes to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and an independent predictor of cardiovascular disease risks.2 Abdominal or central obesity measured by waist circumference is the better and accurate predictor of cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome risk than the general obesity assessed by Body Mass Index (BMI). 3




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Annadurai, K. ., Mani, G. ., Dhanasekaran1, R. ., & Ramasamy, J. . (2020). Waist Circumference: A Key Tool for Action against Central Obesity. Journal of Comprehensive Health, 3(1), 93-96. Retrieved from https://journalofcomprehensivehealth.co.in/jch/article/view/125



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