Addressing Malnutrition among Children – An Assessment of Dastak Abhiyan in Madhya Pradesh


  • Vaibhav Patwardhan
  • Priya Kotwani
  • Pragya Tiwari
  • Somen Saha



Dastak abhiyan, monitoring, Spot-Check, severe acute malnutrition, under 5 mortality


Background: The Dastak Abhiyan is considered a pioneer program of Government of Madhya Pradesh and was pilot tested in the month of November 2016. The program offers a basket of services (10 core activities) focused on the reduction of Under 5 mortality Objectives: In this study, we monitored the functioning and the implementation of 10 core activities of the Abhiyan in 4 districts of Madhya Pradesh viz. Jhabua, Sheopur, Raisen, and Bhopal. Methods: The study takes into account modified World Health Organization(WHO)’s 30x7 cluster sampling where 7 households were selected from 30 villages of 4 districts of Madhya Pradesh including 2 tribal and 1 high priority district. Results: We have observed that majority of the Front Line Health Workers (FLWs) were working as per the micro plan. We identified few gaps, such as FLWs missed on carrying out some of the activities viz. Blood Test, Mid Upper Arm Circumference measurement, demonstration of Oral Rehydration Solution preparation, and Handwashing. Conclusion: We found the need to strengthen inter-communication, to customize micro plan in consultation with the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife of that village. Our study also highlighted the need for supportive supervision, post-training assessment for FLWs to assess the knowledge gained by them during the training session.




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Patwardhan, V. ., Kotwani, P. ., Tiwari, P. ., & Saha, S. . (2018). Addressing Malnutrition among Children – An Assessment of Dastak Abhiyan in Madhya Pradesh. Journal of Comprehensive Health, 6(1), 37–41.



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