Risk factor profile of stroke patients with special focus on determinants of severity


  • Athira Mohan
  • M.G Sabarinadh
  • P.S Praveen
  • T. Nujum Zinia




Risk factors, Stroke, Severity, Thiruvananthapuram


Stroke is the second major cause of death worldwide and the fourth major cause of death in India. Kerala is becoming the hotspot of lifestyle diseases. Almost 90% of the cases reported in Kerala are associated with one or two modifiable risk factor(s) in the form of lifestyle diseases.
Objectives:This study is aimed at risk factor profiling of stroke patients and identifying the determinants of stroke severity. Methods:A descriptive study was conducted among stroke patients admitted in Govt. Medical College Thiruvananthapuram from August to September 2013. The risk factor profile was studied. A case control comparison was done to identify the determinants of severity of stroke. Results:: The age of incidence of stroke ranged from 37 years to 88 years. Mean age was 65.30 (SD =12.80). Hypertension was identified as the most common risk factor followed by diabetes, low physical activity and heart diseases. Limb weakness was the most common clinical presentation. Diabetes Mellitus emerged as an independent risk factor of severity with adjusted odds ratio of 3.82 (1.034-14.09). Conclusion: Hypertension was the most important risk factor prevalent in stroke patients. Diabetes Mellitus was identified as the only independent determinant of severity of stroke. Early identification of risk factors and its proper management should be done with more rigor, in order to decrease the incidence of stroke and reducing its severity.




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Mohan, A. ., Sabarinadh , M., Praveen , P., & Zinia , T. N. (2020). Risk factor profile of stroke patients with special focus on determinants of severity. Journal of Comprehensive Health, 4(1), 57–71. https://doi.org/10.53553/JCH.v04i01.007



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