A Study on Anti hypertensive Drug Compliance among Hypertensive Individuals at Ashok Nagar Urban Area of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh


  • K. Chandra Sekhar
  • E. Muni Sahith Sharma
  • K. Uma Maheshwara Rao
  • Ch. Krishna Chaitanya
  • B.V.Harsha Vardhan Reddy
  • P.G. Deotale




age, sex, occupation, hypertension drugs, system of medicine, treatment compliance


Background: Hypertension is a chronic condition and has got significant role in the development of coronary heart disease, stroke and other vascular complications. To prevent some of the complications of hypertension regular intake of the prescribed treatment in the form of medicines (pills) is essential. Objectives: 1.To knows about the compliance of medication among hypertensive individuals of urban area of Eluru. 2. To find the demographic variables and other factors association with compliance in the study population. Materials and Methods: The present community based cross sectional study was conducted at Ashoknagar area of Eluru during the period from June 2013 to August 2013. Medication compliance (adherence) was calculated as the proportion of days covered for filled prescriptions of antihypertensive drugs. A total of 132 individuals were selected from Ashoknagar area of Eluru using simple random method. Importance of the study was explained to the participants and informed consent was taken. Results were analyzed and necessary statistical tests like proportions and chi square tests were applied. Results: Out of 132 individuals, no one of already diagnosed individuals in the age group of 20-30 years in our study. Compliance among hypertensive individuals was 74%. Compliance criteria in our study was those who taken medicines regularly 6 days out of 7 days in a week. Compliance was good among female sex and house wives and this association was statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusions: based on the above study results, good compliance was seen among females and also in allopathic system of medicine users. Females were more adherences towards their medication. Good compliance of anti hypertensive drugs reduces the incidence of hypertension associated mortality and morbidity.




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Sekhar , K. C. ., Sharma, E. M. S. ., Rao, K. U. M. ., Chaitanya, C. K. ., Reddy, B. V. ., & Deotale, P. (2020). A Study on Anti hypertensive Drug Compliance among Hypertensive Individuals at Ashok Nagar Urban Area of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. Journal of Comprehensive Health, 4(1), 41–48. https://doi.org/10.53553/JCH.v04i01.005



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