Community Based Study on Reproductive Tract Infection in a District of West Bengal – An Appraisal


  • Anima Haldar
  • Tushar Kanti Saha
  • Baijayanti Baur
  • Samir Kumar Ray
  • Sita Chatterjee



RTI, Social correlates, Contraceptive


Background:Reproductive tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases represent a major public health problem in developing countries. As reported from different community based studies conducted in India, the range of self reported morbidity vary from 39- 84%. Majority of the women bear the problems silently without seeking advice and treatment. Objectives: to estimate the prevalence of RTIs morbidity among married women and identify different socio-environmental factors associated with it. Materials & Methods: A Community Based Cross – Sectional study was carried out in Howrah district of West Bengal during May 2009 to August 2009 to reveal the prevalence of Reproductive Tract Infection and its Social correlates. The respondents were 2000 currently married women (15-49yrs) selected by stratified multistage random sampling. House to house visit and data collection was done by faculty members of Community Medicine of different Medical colleges of W.B. using predesigned & pretested schedule. Result: The prevalence of RTI was 9.9% and was higher in 24-29 yrs age group. RTI was indirectly proportional to literacy status. Prevalence of RTI was significantly higher among those who did not use sanitary napkin or clean sundried domestic cloths. The occurrence of RTI was lower among those who used to practice barrier method of Contraception whereas it was higher among Cu-T users. Majority of symptomatic complained about vaginal discharge (44.7%). Conclusion: To prevent RTI morbidities, use of clean sundried domestic cloths, barrier method of contraception and awareness about small family norm are to be recommended through intervention in future.




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Haldar, A. ., Saha, T. K. ., Baur, B. ., Ray, S. K. ., & Chatterjee, S. . (2020). Community Based Study on Reproductive Tract Infection in a District of West Bengal – An Appraisal. Journal of Comprehensive Health, 2(1), 49–56.



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